Immentia takes the privacy of its clients seriously. We take all the necessary steps to keep the information of our visitors and clients private and secure. Going through our privacy policy is important to avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication. Hence, reading the policies will ensure that you understand why we take your information and how it is utilized.

Assembling Personal Information

Your personal information is only collected once you agree to provide them. At the time of registration, project processing, payment, and certain other steps, you have to provide some personal information. Taking this information is vital so we can ensure accurate service delivery. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your details, then we cannot proceed with the process further because the process can take place only once we have this information.

Guarding Your Information

Personal information is necessary to provide you with the services we offer. Immentia thus has the right to share the collected information for advertising and marketing purposes. This information is useful for us;

  • While processing your project
  • To offer services to our customers
  • To run various surveys via our platform
  • To send the status update of the undergoing projects of our customers
  • To send newsletters and promotional emails to our customers

Data Protection and Privacy

We have a dedicated team that only oversees matters of data protection and privacy. Immentia takes every necessary step to certify the safety and security of our customer's data. You are provided with credentials that keep your account protected. The information you provide is kept secure in our database to which only certain officials have access.

Data Copyrights

Immentia has limited copyright ownership of the media, text, images, and other material visible on this website. No individual or company can post, reuse, resell or even copy this website's content unless permissible by the company.

Moreover, every piece of information exhibited on this website is carefully reviewed. However, some of the information is fictitious, given for the sake of our service's general understanding for visitors.