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Our core PPC services are the most competitive out there we know because we designed them to be!

PPC Audit Service

Just like any other services, our premium PPC service starts with a free PPC audit. Of course, you have heard a lot about paid advertising service, but you hardly have anything to start with. Our PPC audit service will tell you all about the current business situation, and it will also recommend what kind of strategy suits you best to maximize your conversions and traffic.

PPC Ad Management

After a comprehensive audit of your current business situation, we will create a plan to execute your PPC ad campaigns. We feel the pride to share that we manage every single aspect of your ad campaigns. From keywords to ad designing, we handle everything.

Re-Marketing Service

At Immentia, we provide our customers with effective remarketing service. Our re-marketing service is one of the most competitive services at the moment. It will help you bring back your customers who are happy with your product. Our re-marketing campaigns are highly focused on increasing sales and conversions.

Geofencing Advertisement

Geofencing your advertisement campaigns mean your ad will be shown to the people in your selected location. Geofencing your advertisement will help you narrow down your target audience, which means your Pay Per Click advertisement is highly targeted. Geofencing your advertisement campaigns pinpoint your target audience, and it helps increase your conversions on a massive scale. .

Hyper-Targeted Ads

This is an entirely new concept in the PPC advertising service. Generating more sales and leads is all about targeting the relevant audience. With our Hyper-Targeted Ad Service, we narrow down your audience furthermore to maximize your per click conversion. These Hyper-Targeted Campaigns work best for e-commerce stores and massively increase store visits and sales. .

Free Reports and Statistics

We also offer reports and statistics about your on-going PPC ad campaigns. These exclusive reports can help you with future decision making on ad revenue expenditure. Online consulting is also available as we like to keep you posted on every single step of your advertisement process.

  • With their Hyper-Targeted Ad campaigns, we are now targeting our customers more effectively. Our store visits have increased massively within a month.

    Nauman Ali / /

  • Since the day we handed over our PPC campaigns to Immentia, our business has grown up to 70%. They plan the best, and they execute every single ad campaign with high precision.

    Zahid Khan / /

We can help you grow your business like never before.

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“We will redefine the way your ad campaigns hit your targeted audience.”

Are you looking for an agency that can advertise your brand on Google, Bing, and YouTube? At Immentia, we provide premium PPC management services, which include advertisement campaigns on all major search engines.

PPC Management at Its Best


Business Analysis

At Immentia, we strive to deliver you the best PPC service. That is why we start our service by conducting a business audit. It is done with high precision so that your PPC campaigns are developed with great accuracy. We make sure you get the best out of the ad budget that you spend.


Strategic Campaigns

Campaign creation is the most crucial part of PPC advertising. We can help you create the best Pay Per Click ads that will bring out the most of your allocated budget. By converting our experience into practice, we always try to be customer-eccentric.


Bid Management

At Immentia, our experts manage your bids as per your provided keyword priority. These priorities are set and changed on the basis of how they are performing regularly. That is how we try our give our 100% to get the best out of what we are spending on your ads.


Ad Creation

At Immentia, we have a team of highly professional ad managers. These ad managers have the required skills to create the best ads for your business. They create your ads with a creative sense and use the most trending content.


Performance Tracking and Reporting

Tracking performance in PPC ad management is one of the most important things to do. That is why at Immentia, we do it as a priority. All your ads are monitored on a regular basis, which helps us in improving bid optimization. We also deliver these statistics and reports to our customers so that they are well aware of their spending.

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PPC Advertisement in a Nutshell

Commonly known as Pay-Per-Click advertisement that allows you to place Ads on the internet, it also allows you to promote your business website on social media platforms and search results. Some of the most common ad types are image ads, text ads, and video ads.

What is a PPC Network?

It is also known as a platform that is used to deliver ads to relevant users. A good example of a PPC ad network is Google Adword. Google Ads can be used to create PPC ads. Bing ads also come in PPC ads. All these networks get to connect with different kinds of audiences, and they also provide an adequate amount of unique targeting options.

What is PPC Ad Budget?

Ad spent, Ad Budget or Ad Expenditure; they all refer to your spending on each ad. In other words, it is referred to as what you are willing to spend on your ads, in terms of money. Your ad budget provides you with many options. From daily spending to weekly, monthly, you can manage your budget with precision.

Where can you show your PPC ads?

With PPC advertising, you can post your ads on almost every search engine. The most used search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can cover almost every corner of the digital world with your PPC advertising.

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