General Questions

We deal with all types of industries and business, including but not limited to real estate, transportation, logistics, healthcare, finance, retail, education, technology, restaurants, etc. Keeping in view the deadline, requirements, and budget, our dedicated team, devises an effective process.

It has been more than seven years that Immentia is providing digital solutions to its customers that guarantee results.

Immentia offers digital solutions, including website and app development, social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, graphic designing, and Search Engine Optimization. 24/7 customer support service and marketing & sales services are also indispensable parts of our services.

We do assist other companies in dealing with challenging projects. If your company needs marketing or software solutions, get in touch with us. We will do our best to facilitate you.

Yes, we do work with international clients.

We are committed to understanding your business and the requirements of your project. We take our time to go through your business needs and operations to propose an effective strategy. It is done by arranging a virtual or physical meeting with the client. In the meeting, we collect as much information as possible. We ask all possible questions regarding your business and the project requirements.

Along with this, we also perform extensive research regarding your business, competitors, niche, and target audience. We carefully analyze the internal and external data to get to the bottom of the research. Rather than enforcing our ideas, we 'listen' to you and what you want. We only proceed with an idea once you approve it.

Once a client gets in touch with us, we start our procedure.

  • We schedule a meeting (either in person, an audio call or through a video link depending on the client's ease) to discuss everything in detail and know the project's scope.
  • A proposal is offered with a plan, deliverables, and total cost that the client will bear. Some samples of past work are also shown upon request.
  • We let the client decide whether to proceed or not.
  • If the proposal is not approved, we amend it according to the discussion. If the client likes it, we discuss and sign the contract
  • A project kick-off meeting is held to decide the final requirements and deadlines.


We begin SEO with a deep and extensive analysis of your business to get the complete picture; this includes market analysis and how competitors are working in the market. We ensure that our methodologies are unique and tailored to your specific needs rather than opting for the "one size fits all" approach. You will get fruitful and long-term results. The SEO campaign we generate for you will be an investment and need 6 months to bear fruit. The approach we follow is different from others. Rather than giving you an instant boost that would topple down quickly, we work hard to build an empowering website for you by optimizing content in a way that search engines will be able to find and rank higher constantly.

We always start the process by understanding your business and the industry you work in. We have professionally trained and experienced content writers in our content development team who then generate high-quality content.

We are well-aware of the technological tools and utilize them to carry out in-depth research. We use BuzzSumo, Google Trends; AnswerThePublic, SEMRush, and Ahrefs. We keep a direct and clear connection with you to ensure that the content created is what you need.

Your content is created, keeping in mind your target audience. For example, often non-industry tone works better than technical jargon when marketing to your customers (except core website pages).

A website is the virtual face of your company; it majorly affects your customers' buying decisions. Thus, the importance of a properly designed website can't be ignored. We truly understand this; that's why we put great concentration on planning and developing your website. We design your website by keeping in mind the objectives and requirements of your business. The process is systematic, and your feedback is taken constantly. Deadlines are met while making sure that premium quality results are delivered.

The time we take to build a website depends on its complexity, size, and requirements, and the resources available to work on it.

When you launch a website, targeted marketing and promotions are needed to bring brand awareness. By taking our services, you would get a search engine optimized website backed by digital and social media campaigns, improving its visibility.

We provide all kinds of graphic designing services that will cater to your needs, including but not limited to logos, brochures, user-interfaces, entire web design, videos, social media posts, presentations, digital print, etc. The designs are created, keeping in mind your business needs and the target audience. We deliver designs that enhance your website's image, improve social media presence and user experience.

Our Quality Assurance services prevent any mistakes or defects in your product or service. If you have no process in place to review your practices and operations, you are meant to go downhill. Our quality assurance services will help you tweak your processes to improve quality and have better chances of competing.

Our reputation management services handle and defend your business in all cases. You won't just get social media reputation management services if you choose us; rather, we take care of your image on every platform. In online marketing, reputation matters a lot. We promote your brand's positive image and post good reviews, ratings, and feedback, resulting in increased credibility of your business and more customer engagement.

Customized software solutions are developed to meet business requirements. These solutions ensure ease and automation for time-consuming tasks and offer maintenance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for your brand. Our clients have seen a visible change in their market share after they started using our custom-made software.

Social media marketing requires time to create content, share it with the audience, and interact online. As a business owner, you would not have time to do it all. But don't worry; we are here to help you. We will manage your social media effectively. Your presence on the web will be optimized so that you get desired results.

Social media is an essential component of your marketing plan. You can opt for many ways to track your presence on social media. Social media should lead your audience back to your website or persuade them to take the action you want to perform; it can either be purchasing your products or getting your services. We will analyze how your audience is acting and track their activities on the website to see how well your marketing plan works. We can also share insights with you in the form of reports.

Yes, customer support service is one of our superior services, which is cost-efficient and reliable. An expert team of agents will manage your customer upselling, feedback, and inbound calls. The team will assist you in retaining your existing customers and get new ones as well. Our team maintains a good reputation and has excellent customer support services.


The charges vary according to the service availed. Each campaign or service is tailored to the specific requirements of a project. We discuss the needs of our clients and then propose a price quote to them. All you need to do is make a call or fill out the form to contact us. Mention all your requirements to elaborate on what you desire and mention your estimated budget so that we can proceed accordingly.

We don't have a specific pricing model because price varies according to the client's requirements. If you wish to get a custom price quote for your requirements, feel free to contact us using any preferrable medium.

No, there are no hidden charges. The exact price will be shared with you before the project begins. However, you would have to pay for biddable media like Facebook ads, Microsoft ads, and Google ads. It would be presented as a separate bill from our management charges.

All the payments are upfront; when the payment gets approved, we start working on your project. To ensure your project begins on time and no delay occurs, mention all the project details in the initial meetings so the budget can be decided according to that.

The most preferred mode of payment is through a credit card. However, we also accept ____, _______, _____, _____ . All the payment gateways we use are safe and trustworthy.


Yes, you will be able to utilize these options. However, if you want a revision, you need to submit feedback and ask for the changes within three days after your order is delivered. The free revision will be provided to you, considering there are no additional requirements. To claim the refund, you need to provide a valid reason, and it should be claimed within three days after the order delivery. Our expert team will review your claims before processing a refund.

You can get your project revised as many times as you want, considering the reason is valid, and you apply for the revision within three days after your order submission. The revision requirements should comply with the initial requirements you shared. New requirements are not catered in the revisions.

We make sure to deliver the best results, but we make complete refunds in an unfortunate event where you are not satisfied. Once a refund request is made, our team goes through the claim thoroughly. In case we are at fault, we offer free revisions until you are satisfied, and in cases where clients are not satisfied, their refund is processed.

You can send us an email or get in touch with the customer representative regarding the cancellation request. We will then check the status of your task. If you have asked for cancellation, but our team has started working on the task, we will deliver the parts completed and inform you of the cost incurred. The incurred cost won't be returned, while the remaining amount will be refunded. If the task has not been initiated before you asked for cancellation, you will be given a 90% return.


You can contact us by calling us at +92 51 5170729, +92 51 5194363 or send us an email at You will be responded to by a professional team.

The time taken for completing a project depends on the requirements. You can get the timeline by talking to us and discussing your project in detail.

You can contact our team by calling, sending an email, or via our live chat. You can also request a call back; our support team will call you back and discuss your questions. We provide 24/7 customer support to assist you. An online contact form is also provided to cater to your queries.