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We Dive Deep into Research for Content that Resonates

We do extensive research on your business and competition. This is how we determine what kind of content strategy is the best to grow your business and bring more awareness about your brand. We are your content creators to help you become a brand.

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Our core Content Management services are the most competitive out there we know because we designed them to be!

Content Planning

While creating a content marketing strategy, we plan ahead of time so that the content creators are fully aware of the target. It all starts with keyword research, which is done in accordance with your business and trends that can help you reach your goal. At Immentia, our professional content creators make sure every single piece of content is created to the best of standards and ranked for the best of results.


We are the professionals, and the content we create is entirely customized to fulfill your business requirements. With a little add up of effective design and Infographics, your content has all the ingredients to go viral..

Creating Editorial Calendar

Planning is indeed a mandatory part of any content marketing strategy. At Immentia, we will help you meet your content goals in a planned manner. Creating an editorial goal is one of the most effective strategies in content strategy and management.

Content Strategy Development

At Immentia, we can help you secure the best content marketing competencies. It all starts with initial research on your current content strategy, competition, and requirements. With our experienced and target-oriented content management teams, we provide you with all the talents and tools, and together we create the best content management strategy that suits your business goals.

Content Sharing

Writing a good piece of content is not just enough. It will reap results when it is shared across different platforms. Content sharing is an integral part of our content marketing strategy. We are a competitive content marketing company, and we know the value of content sharing. We will help you spread the word. Be it your brand awareness, or if you are looking forward to increased sales, Immentia is your one-stop solution for an effective content marketing strategy.

Progress Analytics

Progress analytics are shared on a weekly and monthly basis in order to keep our prestigious clients informed on the progress. It takes some time to get the most out of a good content marketing strategy, but analytics can help you plan ahead of time. At Immentia, we know the value of reporting. That is why our reports are designed in an understandable pattern to keep you informed on the progress.

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Good content is worth reading, and good content can compel you to believe in any product. At Immentia, we know how to convert readers into your clients.

Strategy Implementation and Action Plan



In this phase, where we collect all the project information, we put ourselves in the client’s shoes and try to understand their business model and their objectives and needs.



We draw up the best strategy, adapted to the specific objectives of the company and each project. This strategy defines the line of action to be addressed.



We make a detailed action plan that marks the roadmap of the project and executes it in harmony with the client.



Regular follow-up meetings are held with the client to measure and assess the KPIs defined for the project.



Pro-activity is an essential part of our agency’s approach. Continuous improvement proposals are added to the project.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Content Marketing Company

Surely, hiring a content marketing agency is one of the best decisions to launch large-scale campaigns. Therefore, Immentia is the only option available to choose the one that best suits your interests and needs.

Opportunity to Work with Experts

Content creation is a task that requires time and effort. This investment will not always be easy for a company since it must attend to hundreds of equally relevant matters every day. Therefore, a good idea to balance work is to delegate this creative responsibility to a content marketing agency, which has a team of experts, who will be able to generate the high-quality information that a company needs to capture and accompany to users.


Hiring the services of a professional content creator agency is much cheaper than having a group of permanent editors working for your brand. This will allow you to invest the resources saved in other aspects relevant to your digital strategy.

Platforms to Manage and Publish Your Content

The agency you hire must commit to delivering the work on time so that you can meet your publication schedule. For this purpose, it is necessary that the writing and revision of the content are carried out, even several weeks in advance, to foresee possible changes and proceed to carry them out in a timely manner.

Expansion of the Commercial Vision of the Brand

The expert team of an agency has the experience to make recommendations regarding content marketing and organic positioning that will benefit your company. One of the main recommendations is to extend the vision and scope of the mission, and even discovering aspects that you did not know could generate profits and followers.

Creation of Optimized Content on a Large Scale

Hiring an agency implies a considerable reduction in costs, which leads to a better administration of the invested budget. This allows you to explore different creative possibilities, reflecting on the production of large-scale content in different formats, optimized for SEO, and with high-quality standards.