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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you out.

You can send us an email or get in touch with the customer representative regarding the cancellation request. We will then check the status of your task. If you have asked for cancellation, but our team has started working on the task, we will deliver the parts completed and inform you of the cost incurred. The incurred cost won't be returned, while the remaining amount will be refunded. If the task has not been initiated before you asked for cancellation, you will be given a 90% return.

Yes, we do work with international clients.

Yes, customer support service is one of our superior services, which is cost-efficient and reliable. An expert team of agents will manage your customer upselling, feedback, and inbound calls. The team will assist you in retaining your existing customers and get new ones as well. Our team maintains a good reputation and has excellent customer support services.


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