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General Criteria

  1. Job Type : Full Time / Permanent
  2. Available Shifts : Morning / Evening
  3. Department: Software Development
  4. Career Level : Intern
  5. Required Experience : Fresh
  6. Minimum Experience : None
  7. Minimum Education : Bachelor’s Degree
  8. Degree Title : BS in Computer Science
  9. Gender : Male
  10. Age : 20 – 30 Years

Job Description

  1. To be aware of development of new features and maintenance of existing mobile applications
  2. Write clean and optimized code using latest cross-platform mobile app standards
  3. Develop & Integrate web-services
  4. Modifying & up-grading an existing app
  5. To use JavaScript and create custom and general use modules, and components which extend the elements and modules
  6. To be familiar with the Flux Design Pattern or one of the libraries it inspired (i.e. Redux)

  Skills Required

  1. Ability to pay thorough attention to business requirements
  2. Write and design software code, perform unit testing and scribble software technical specifications
  3. Must have a strong aptitude for learning new frameworks & technologies
  4. Must be adept in core web fundamentals: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Bootstrap
  5. Must have a strong grip on AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  6. Must have a sound experience in data structures, algorithms, and system design
  7. Must know about the version control with GitHub
  8. Must have knowledge of Node js and MongoDB

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