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You can grow much faster by working with Immentia. Imagine a career where your creative inspiration can fuel BIG innovation.

Meet “Never-Before-Seen” type of Professionals

We are where experience meets professionalism. We have “never-before-seen” type of professional people with matchless technical experience and background in the Information Technology world.

We are Looking For Energetic Individuals

Are you an energetic individual who genuinely believes in the power of teamwork, who can use both sides of the brain, and who have ever dreamed of a meaningful career. Join our workforce and cruise-through your smashing career today.

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Career Development

I  f you are energetic, talented, and committed to deliver quality every step of the way, you’ll find that Immentia is the best place to work. You’ll grow day after day and your efforts will be rewarded over various performance oriented factors. The career development is tagged with

  • Monthly Performance Evaluation
  • Growth Appraisal After Every 6 Months
  • Frequent Training Sessions 

You will be part of the sharpest, forward thinking minds working together as a team. Play the “hard-work” formula to win, and you will win a lot. Make Immentia your next big move and fully realize your potential. Join us and see where your career will take you.

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Compensation & Benefits

Taking Employee Satisfaction To The Next Level

Immentia offers a multitude of incentives and benefits to its employees in return for their hard work. These benefits foster employee satisfaction and their engagement to produce outstanding results, which in turn drives our performance.

Effective And Rational Compensation Plans

We have the perfect “compensation and benefit” plans to help recruit, develop, and retain the best discovered talent. Apart from their salaries, the additional benefits give them a strong sense of security and satisfaction.

Get Ready to Join In

With these benefits, once you are in, you will remain on-board. These well planned benefits will allow you to perform well throughout your career, with a morale up. So join in and see for yourself.

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Want to Dash-Through a Smashing Career!

If you are an individual who wants to fly high by delivering out-of-the-ordinary professionalism, this is the right place for you. Join our workforce and live your dream with open eyes.

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