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Extensive Trainings

Extensive trainings are conducted to educate the workforce so that they keep themselves updated with latest technology and the current market trends.

Monthly Evaluations

The monthly transparent evaluations assess individual performance of employees and provide them a clear visibility of their monthly progress.

Monthly Performance Awards

The monthly performance awards boost the morale of employees by recognizing their efforts and celebrating excellence in shape of prize money and certificates.

Jump Start Your Career At Immentia

Immentia offers great ways to advance forward in your job position. When it comes to Immentia, both career development and personal growth go side by side. The professional work environment will lead you only in one direction, i.e. Path to career success.

At Immentia, Career Growth Matters

Nobody wants to stay at the same income, in the same position, doing the same work. That’s why Immentia takes career development, as a very important part of each individual employee who values his career.

A Promising Career Awaits You

If you are a hard worker who believes in the power of teamwork, Immentia is the right place for you. Be part of the changemakers’ team and grow your career day after day.

Want to Dash-Through a Smashing Career!

If you are an individual who wants to fly high by delivering out-of-the-ordinary professionalism, this is the right place for you. Join our workforce and live your dream with open eyes.

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