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Life at Immentia is filled with diverse experiences and benefits, all of which are professionally and personally rewarding. With a clear performance-based work environment driven by feedback and mentorship, living life the Immentia way is filled with thrill and professional growth. While working at Immentia, you can enter the office every day without the slightest anxiety or nervousness. You will work with people you get along with, and enjoy the work as much you enjoy the company of your colleagues.

Diversity Of Ideas

Diversity of people and ideas creates strength for our whole team structure. We are passionate about attracting, retaining and developing the most talented and skilled individuals, regardless of background. We encourage our people to work across functions, geographies and cultures as one company. Immentia strives to build a culture that embraces diversity while also fostering an inclusive environment in which all employees can contribute to their fullest potential in their jobs and in their communities. We are committed to promote a diverse workforce and strive to create a work environment that respects individuals and their contributions, while fostering new innovations.

Immentians enjoy a lot of pleasant things to feel better as a person and a professional


Professional Environment

Our well-managed shifts and streamlined workflow means you don’t necessarily have to prove your commitment by logging long hours. Here, you don’t just have to look forward to the next promotion, but enjoy every day of getting to it. Feedback and mentorship drive our performance-based work environment, so you can expect the most accommodating supervision.

You would love to be part of our stress free work environment tagged with respect and recognition


In-House Recreational Facilities & Outings

Our recreational area is a place where team members can kick back, relax, and spend time with coworkers. Whether it’s a snooker match or enjoying monthly dinners, the recreation room offers a healthy balance to work. What’s more! Every quarter, our team members venture out on a fun-filled outing. These quarterly events are truly memorable affairs, which the whole Immentia workforce enjoys as one big family.

Working with us, you will feel an exceptional base of comfort and ease


Gym Facility

For a healthier lifestyle, male and female employees can avail the gym during their allotted hours.

Café Facility

An array of delectable items is available in the café for you to order through the employee portal.

On-site Medical Consultation

A qualified doctor is available on Mondays and Thursdays for a free consultation for all employees.

Prayer Rooms & Islamic Bayan

Separate prayer rooms are present and Islamic Bayan is conducted for spiritual guidance.

Table Tennis Facility

A table tennis facility is available for both male and female employees to play in their free time.

Department Lunches & Trips

The facility to avail monthly departmental lunches and bi-annual trips is available for all the employees.

Want to Dash-Through a Smashing Career!

If you are an individual who wants to fly high by delivering out-of-the-ordinary professionalism, this is the right place for you. Join our workforce and live your dream with open eyes.

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