Extracting text from an image has always been a problem; there are times when you tap on an image in hopes that you could copy the text; OCR will solve that problem for you.

Client: OCR

Industry: Education

Services: Android Development



With the advancement of technology, it is crucial to make things possible that weren't a few years ago. The clients came to us with very clear specifications; they wanted a text scanner that could extract text from images and easily copy-paste it anywhere. But that was not the complete brief; they also wanted some additional features that will make the application stand out among the competitors.

The clients also wanted to incorporate a text-to-speech feature for people with certain mental and physical challenges. Another feature to be added was a text translator that would translate different languages. This was a wholesome project that required major API installations as well as extensions. The major challenge was to keep the size of the application in check as well.



The team was determined to get it all done; all the features had to be incorporated accordingly. At Immentia, we take the user requirements very seriously, and for us, the priority is always the customer.

The project in the first phase was divided into workable modules. The image-to-text module was developed first since it was the project's major chunk, and somehow, other modules depended upon it.

For the translation module, after going back and forth, the team and the client decided on 27 languages that will be incorporated in the application. These are also the languages that can be translated and used in the speech module. Two permissions are required by the application for successful operations on the mobile phones that are accessing the storage and the camera. Another feature that the team decided to add at the last minute was handwritten text translation.



The result was an application that could scan an image and extract the text within seconds. The application was downloaded and installed hundreds of times on the day of launch. If you visit the Play Store, you will find several applications that translate an image to text, but none of the applications has all the modules that OCR has, and this gives it an edge over them.

The application was able to attract customers that were looking for quick solutions. Since the application is free, people did not hesitate to download it and giving it a try. The client's requirement to keep the application minimal also helped achieve the targeted downloads during the initial months of the launch.


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Users usually do not download heavy applications due to limited storage issues, but the team was able to address this limitation as well. OCR has now made its place in the industry, despite the immense competition.

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