It is not always possible to physically go to the grocery store to get your grocery; GradeOneMart is a virtual store that brings you a variety of buying options with easy payment methods.

Client: Grade One Mart

Industry: Ecommerce

Services: Social Media Management



The e-commerce industry has cut-throat competition, which challenged the team in the designing as well as the developing phase. The client required a website that has the potential to hit the competition in the best possible way. The scalability of such websites is crucial. In Pakistan, e-commerce still has immense potential, and this website could be the right step towards tapping into that potential.

The payment gateways had to be secure and completely hack-proof. Unfortunately, in our country, people do not trust online channels to make their payments. The client wanted to ensure that both online payment and cash on delivery features were included on the website. Like any other e-commerce website, an order tracking module was to be added as well to ensure that customers could easily track their orders.



The solution was pretty simple, a wholesome website that will display an array of products available in the store, with an easy buying method. The first thing, along with the design of the website, was to generate a database. This database will store all the products that were available and could be offered to the customer. We also had to ensure that the process of product addition and product removal was as simple as possible. We had to keep in mind that the staff was not much trained to operate the system, but they still have to add the products into the system. We ensured that all these processes were simple enough to be understood by common people who even have less knowledge of computers. We integrated the safest methods for online payments and tested them to ensure that the results are consistent each time.



Just as the website was developed and launched, the visits were limited and initially low. With the right marketing strategy, the client saw an increase in reach, and within the first week, 50 orders were placed. Initially, the client only planned to launch the service in Rawalpindi and Islamabad but seeing the incredible response, they planned to expand operations to other metropolitan cities as well.


Conversion Rate






Leads Generated



Increased Conversion Rate



Increase in ROI



Increase in Leads


Since the launch of the website, the business has grown exponentially. GradeOneMart's team regularly shares the stats with us, which help in improving the website and staying updated about the customers' feedback. As more and more traffic is directed to the website, its popularity will increase by manifolds. All the client information is kept protected, which is a major reason people show up as returning customers.

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