Islam is a religion that emphasizes spreading its teachings and the blessing a person receives as a result of that. This program will help Muslims become Momin and stay on the right track.

Client: Islamic Leaders

Industry: Education

Services: Social Media Management



A Muslim covers several levels of Islam before he reaches the highest one, where he can be called a Momin. To become a Momin, a Muslim must pass a few tests that evaluate his patience, knowledge, and character. The website is designed in such a way that it can be a guiding platform as well as a meeting place for Islamic leaders. But to guide a Muslim into becoming a Momin, authentic information had to be presented. Such information was the most critical aspect of this website.

All the scholars and leaders signing up on the website had to be verified through a proper channel. For the verification process, the Islamic Leaders team and our content team had to come up with a strategy.



The challenges of the modern world can only be battled through proper education and knowledge. Islam is the perfect weapon if you want to fight the challenges faced by mankind today.

All the information and then solutions provided on the website have been delivered by leaders of the Islamic world, people who have proven to be true Momins. All the leaders signing up on the website have to go through an extensive step-wise process before they are labeled as leaders. The ones who are on stage 1 or 2 are then trained to be Momins. The website is not very extensive, but it serves a greater purpose.

We also worked on developing Islamic Leaders through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In order to target the younger generation, it is vital to engage with them on the social network they are more active on.



The response to the website and social media channels has been very encouraging. A large number of youngsters have subscribed to the official YouTube channel and have benefited from the teaching of the scholars. A lot of leaders have also signed up on the website. The website saw increased traffic as soon as the videos went live on YouTube, and the Facebook page was created.


Conversion Rate






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Increased Conversion Rate



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Increase in Leads


The client and our team at Immentia understood that we would not be able to generate the results we require without targeting the right platforms. Technology is an inevitable part of life and plays a crucial role in the spread of Islamic teachings. In response to each solution posted on the website, the client receives hundreds of queries that signify the importance of such a platform. The client plans to expand the scope of the project and wants to translate it into a physical institution somehow. The customization of each plan makes people more open to acceptance.

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