The Finance Tracker will not only help you keep track of your expenditures but also effectively manage them. You can set alarms to know when you are over-spending, an easy way to stay within budget.

Client: Finance Tracker

Industry: Finance

Services: Android Development



It is always challenging to maintain your expenses and make savings regularly. Keeping in mind this dilemma, the client came up with the requirement of developing a finance tracker app that not only keeps track but also manages the expenses. The database was the most critical part of the project, as it should be able to store data and then bring it back on request.

The client wanted it to be a wholesome project with all aspects of finance covered. The client did not want the application to log the current expenses; rather, he wanted something that could notify an upcoming expense. This feature would enable the person to start saving so he can have enough money to make the purchase. Another challenge was to make the app bug-free so the users can have a reliable and smooth experience.



The biggest challenge was to ensure the accuracy of the calculations at all times. A single miscalculation can throw off the entire expense sheet. The team put in extra efforts to ensure that the application's error rate was nearly 0%. The recurring expenses were also catered in the application, so the user doesn't have to keep adding the same expense each month. The monthly report is auto-generated. On the 28th of every month, you will be notified of the expense report.

An AI-based calculation method was also introduced for future expense estimation. The users can easily understand how much money they will have to save to make a planned purchase. This feature would be a game-changer for many people. Delete expenses, Misc. settings, and delete DB Data are some other features that make the application worthy. It is compatible with Android 4.1 and above.



Despite so much competition in the market, we were able to make a mark in the industry, and that was because the application was simple. The simplicity of the application directed the audience's attention towards it. We developed the application, keeping in mind the common layman in our country who has basic know-how of mobile operations.


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Many competitor websites have the features of adding in debit card and credit card details, but we did not add that module. The more we add to the application, the more complex it would become, making it difficult for the user to navigate it. Another reason for the application's success is the effective social media campaign we ran, highlighting all the important features of the app. The easy comparison between the earning and the spending makes it possible for the user to have a crystal-clear picture of his financial standing.

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